Welcome to comfortable living.

At Smart Hive Automation, we strongly believe, that comfortable living is essential for sustained wellness and prosperity. We also believe, that the latest advances in technology and artificial intelligence can serve this purpose beautifully. Therefore, we engineer our products to combine sophisticated technology with aesthetic design to ensure comfortable living, well beyond the current norm or status quo.

A Smart Hive innovation named Broadway, eliminates those ugly, uncomfortable, unreliable and unsafe switches and regulators found in many homes.

Broadway controllers are custom designed with a densely packed small form factor to fit in and disappear into most existing switchboard sockets, while packing an amazing set of capabilities. Each individual controller provides for an astonishing nine circuits, capable of switching two high power devices like AC’s or Geysers, five low power devices like lights or entertainment systems and two dimmers for inductive loads like ceiling fans.

The Smart Hive mobile application, brings to fingertips, the capabilities of all Broadway devices in a home from anywhere in and around the home. The human centric design of the application hides technological sophistication, behind an innovative interface designed for users of all ages. Our customers are pleasantly surprised to observe the application being used effortlessly by kids, the elderly and even the not very literate users.

Finally, the Broadway face panel, compliments the controller and the mobile application by finishing off the remains of what was once an ugly looking switchboard into an intriguing and classy finale. The face panel is a product of complex engineering and design to achieve the right form with function, while maintaining the decor of its surroundings.

Welcome to comfortable living with Broadway by Smart Hive Automation.

Comfort and Luxury

  • Use your home WiFi
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Unlimited control units
  • Kids and elderly friendly
  • Stylish and durable face plate
  • No more ugly switch boards
  • Configurable to your needs

Technical Details

  • 2 Switches (upto 10/5 Amp)
  • 2 Dimmer Controls
  • 5 Switches (upto 5 Amp)
  • 230 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Compact multi layered design
  • Certified components


  • Modular boards with no rewiring required
  • Encrypted and reliable signalling
  • Hacker safe - No Internet based control
  • Application works on iOS and Android
  • 3 year replacement guarantee
  • On site service
  • Automated quality checking

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