Powerful Automation API



Why build with SmartHive

  Highly Customizable
SmartHive devices are extremely customizable when compared to other automation systems. This is because we built customization support right into the hardware. You can now build experiences that impress and delight.
  Open Standards
All SmartHive products are compliant with open standards. This means that you can benefit from the collabarative work of others. You can now build more experiences with less effort.
  Cost Efficient
SmartHive products deliver superior performance at an affordable price. This means that there is room for you to deliver additional value to your customers without hurting their pockets.

All our products integrate with the latest technologies


We constantly upgrade to integrate with the latest technologies, which means that you are not stuck with legacy products when you want to upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Smart switches
  • Smart locks
  • Smart cameras
  • Open and secure API